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Welcome to the blog i wanted to start this off by writing something that i am passionate about,technology.

Everything is moving a light speed, faster than we ever imagined soon we will all be driving flying cars, but it's all for the best the internet is at the heart of technology and as the internet advances so does the internet marketing. So we have to keep up to date with these new advances and keep our business up to date too.

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So how can you use these to your advantage? Lets start by one of my favorite technologies online. Youtube, personally i can spend hours viewing videos on Youtube everything from funny cats to website designs and marketing tips. Youtube has millions of videos about everything so if you are ever stuck with something try looking it up on youtube because people love making how to videos, like how to install wordpress, how to use adwords. So use Youtube to your advantage.

Now how to videos is only one plus side of Youtube, let's not forget that Youtube is the 3rd biggest site online just now, and has millions of visitors everyday, so why not make your own video and try to grab some free traffic. I make videos every week then i add my links in the description and i get hundreds of visitors every week to my sites.

Thats just one free traffic method, you can also use social networking sites like Facebook the number 1 most visited site online just now, and also Pintrest which is the 3rd most used social networking site in US.

I will leave this weeks post there and i hope you guys enjoy it.

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