Blog comments are valuable for the community

Blog comments are valuable for the community that follows the blog. The individualized comments should drive the community forward. The comments themselves can help others find new and useful information that they may have missed within the post. Everyone learns and comprehends on a different level. The insights of one person could enable the next to understand the topic better. The comment quality determines it's effectiveness in the community. One liners and spam filled comments hurts the flow in the community. This shows the reader that the post was not understood or the commenter did not care enough to leave decent feedback. Many times, the author or site manager will spam these comments and ban the commenter from ever leaving anymore feedback on their site.

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Blog comments not only provide valuable feedback to both readers and tot he author. It can help the commenter develop better writing skills for their own blog. The comment can help increase critical thinking, analysis and creative skills. When these skills are applied in a constructive manner, a commenter can gain influential power and earn awesome perks. In some extreme cases, the commenter could earn a guest spot on the blog to exchanging traffic with the site. The reputation gained from following a quality commentary guideline should prompt a media manager to take it a bit more seriously.

The Administration ofBlog Comments

This section is for those who are administrators for WordPress and other CMS platforms that uses a blog as a central platform. There are chances you run a site that receives plenty of blog comments and not sure how to classify the comments. There are times, when a comment looks great, but check it for errors in grammar, coherency and for over use of links. Make sure the comment actually talks about the topic of the post, without it going into some decaying state of blubbering. This is your blog and it's growth depends on how well you weed it. A great comment is easy to read, helps provide insight to the subject or to the community and it meets other quality standards. There are spam filters out there will help track and destroy unwanted comment spam. Your blog comments are seeds that can fuel your creativity, but can get spoiled with garbage.

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