Getting your email under control

It's not uncommon for some of us to wake up, open our email program, and receive hundreds of new emails a day.

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Sorting through these and responding to the ones that require a response can eat up a huge chunk of your day. Here are some ways that I try and tackle my flooded inbox.

Only open your email program twice a day. First thing in the morning, I open my emails and sort through and respond accordingly. Once everything is taken care of, I close my program for most of the day. Unless I'm expecting an important message, I'll leave it closed until the end of the day. I'll check it again before bedtime and do the usual routine of sorting and responding.

Keep separate email addresses. I like to have a few different email addresses for separate uses. I have one that only my friends and family use. I have another one for work related emails, such as comments, contact form emails, JV requests, payments, invoices, etc.. I have yet another one for any newsletters and websites I want to sign up for. Last but not least, I have one for signing up for competitor sites and related feeds and newsletters to see what my "niche" is up to. I can check on this one as infrequently as I like because none of it requires any response on my end.

Use Windows Live Mail. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to which email program they use, but I really like Windows Live Mail because I can read all the emails from each email address in one program. It has a lot of other handy features too. You can manage your RSS feeds, update your MSN status, or look at "Quick Views" which will show you all your unread emails from all your accounts in one window. Importing messages from Google gmail, Hotmail, Outlook Express, etc. is ridiculously easy.

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