There are no secrets to the Googles AdSense program

Ive gone to so many blogs all over the web and have seen so many published e-books and created products geared around the Google AdSense program. These products claim they will show you the hidden secrets to Adsense success. While some of these maybe true, most are purely scams so when you see something like earn 10,000 a month with Google AdSense don't fall for it!

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There are no secrets to the Googles AdSense program, in my opinion it's just logic.

Why? Its because everyone is bound by the same terms and conditions for using Googles AdSense program. So, the difference between these experts and you is nothing but optimization. There are many ways to optimize your AdSense earnings without being in danger of violating their terms of service. But the most basic principle in optimizing your AdSense is to serve interesting ads to your users that will make them click. This principle can be achieved with the right layout, right size of ads, and right blending of ads. Here are some effective tips to optimizing your AdSense.

Less is more Dont splash every page with three AdSense banners and one Adlink banner. Blatant advertisement spam will cause your readers to leave your blog instead of reading it.

Choose the ad size type that fits your design best Thus, this there is no definitive ad design for all the blogs in the blogosphere. However, it is good to note that through user experience and surveys, it's widely known that 300 x 250 rectangle text ads in the middle of the page like my ad on top generate the highest revenue.

AdSense psychology This one is theoretical and sensible at the same time. Think about it, majority of people are right handed. And almost everyone use the mouse with the right hand (yep, even left handed people do this!). This is a probable reason why 160 x 600 Skyscraper ads placed at the right side of the page generate the 2nd highest revenue. You can make a case that this happens because your reader will feel more comfortable to click through the link because of the closeness. So my advice is that you should never place those skyscraper ads on the left side of your blog!

Experiment While the preceding tips tell you that you should go for the 300 x 250 big rectangle on the center and 160 x 600 skyscraper ads on the right side of your blog, this is not always the case. Dont be afraid to experiment with different banner types and placements. Remember that AdSense optimization is about fitting ads with your design best. Use meaningful descriptive channel names for your banners like right sidebar or top of post. If it doesn't work, then replace the ad with the previous or another version. If a banner doesn't work on a page, don't assume that the page will never work with Adsense. Give it a few weeks, see the changes then try something else.

Use Adsense site search Offer your blogs readers the choice to search from your blog. Besides the search results, the page displays relevant ads. Any clicks on these ads will generate revenue for your blog. In addition, I believe every blog should have a search function. It makes your blog more professional and it improves user experience. I've been upset many times just because I can't find the good article I read last week from a blog.

Target keywords This is where you can make a huge difference in Adsense earnings. Consider how much advertisers pay for ads. Clicks range from zero to several dollars depending on the keyword. If your blog is about free ringtones, your income per click will be very small. It depends on whether a keyword is a high ticket item or not. High paying keywords are lawyers, hotels, etc. This trend is just an estimate based on pure logic. If you want to know the precise costs for keywords,You can get access to various tools including the Traffic Estimator Sandbox.

Use color schemes that fit your design Make your advertisements as non-intrusive as possible. If your blogs background is white, change your ads background into white. Match the ads link color to your blogs link color, your ads font color to your font color. Moreover, eliminate that ad border!

Spreading content to multiple pages Writing quality content gives your readers a reason to come back to your blog. If you have so much to say about a particular topic, spread it over several related pages. When you have an article spanning 10 screens and your AdSense ad is placed at the top, readers will not see your ads as they read through your post. Spreading your content to multiple pages optimizes your ads in a way that they get more visibility. But take note that spreading your content into multiple pages may tick off some readers, so know your priorities first.

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