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When listing your products for sale on Ebay you should be aware of these basics in order for your listing to dominate the search results. As you list more items on ebay you will gain the confidence and experience to write engaging content which will entice buyers to spend more time reading your listing and more importantly hitting the "buy it now" button

The first step is to find some items you wish to sell on Ebay. At first select items that you use or you are knowledgeable about so you can write content both you and your potential customers can relate to and you can let buyers know exactly what they will be looking for in the item.

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Go to Ebay and search for similar items so you can get a informed idea of how much the product will sell for, which category it is listed in and what competition you will have. To get a insight into this information of products similar to what you wish to sell follow the steps bellow.

  • Go to the search bar at the top of the ebay page
  • Go to "use advanced search" and enter a few key words for the search
  • Select the option for "completed listings only"

Now you will have a page of listings that have ended and can use this information to see if the item sells well and for what prices.

Once you have done your research and are confident in the item you wish to sell, follow these steps

  1. Decide which method you wish to use to sell, you can sell using the auction format or the buy it now format.
  2. Select the most relevant category for listing your item.
  3. Write a product title which captures the eye of potential buyers. avoid using terms like L@@K or other irrelevant terms this is outdated and will turn buyers away.
  4. Create a unique and engaging description of your product with as much information as possible about the product and state the benefits the product has over other brands and to the buyer.
  5. Take clear photos of your items with as much detail as possible.
  6. Let buyers know your location.
  7. Ebay provides some great promotional tools, don't be afraid to implement a few of these to your listing to get more sales
  8. Let buyers know which payment methods you will accept as well as detailed information on how you will ship the item and how long you will take to dispatch the item.

Don't be afraid to do things differently form other sellers, be creative with your listings and stand out from your competition.Look at other sellers on ebay what are they doing wrong or what could you do better? explain why your better than the competition in the listing.

After creating a ebay account and entered the requested information to become a seller you are now ready to sell your items. Items you put on ebay for sale are know as your "listings". Creating outstanding listings that sets you aside from your competitors and draws your potential customers focus is the main goal when creating "listings" The secret to maximising your sales on ebay is simple, attract as many potential buyers to your listings as possible. Ebay offers an array of tools and options for your listing, bellow will outline the major options available. try to gather as much information so you can make a informed decision for the item you plan to sell.


  • Use the selling format that is most suitable. Will you use the auction style format and accept bids or will you set a buy it now price which is fixed and allows you to sell multiples of the same item? It may be worth creating a few different listings with different selling formats and decide which selling format works best for differentitems. Sometimes you will find the "buy it now" format will work great for items but may not for others, so it will be an advantage to you to sell the item in an auction format. With some trial and error you will be able to make a good judgement on which auction format to use for which items.


  • Select category to list your items in. Find a category that best defines the product you have for sale. This will allow people to find your products quickly and easily. If you are uncertain of the category or think your item may fall into two or more ebay categorys it may be worth listing in the category as it will maximise your visibility to potential buyers.


  • Write your product description. As mentioned above write unique content as detailed about your item as possible try to make it different to whatever other sellers descriptions to capture buyers. Use words that describe the product you have for sale as much as possible without keyword stuffing as your description will effect your visibility in ebay search results. Always remember you are not the only seller on ebay so the more work you put in the more profit you will get out. There are thousands of powersellers eager to sell the same products so stand out from the crowd and being a little different.

Ebay also use your product title in it's search results so use as much key information as possible in your title. Adding information such as size, a brand name and key information like "UK Stock" the more descriptive words you use in your title the more buyers you will attract to your listings.

  • Creating your listing description use this checklist of basic information customers will be eager to find out prior to making a purchase. (A) A basic summary of what the item is and what it does, (B) Descriptive title for your ebay listing, (C) Let buyers know toe Brand, Artist or what actors appear, (D) Other Information that identifies the item, (E) Describe the materials used, what's it made of?, (F) List the dimensions of the item be precise and what colour or colour options available, (G) Describe any damage to the product if it's used or that it's new if unused if it's in it's original packaging, (H) Include the benefits the product has for the buyer will it save time or do something to make the users life easier? Also ad your email address at the bottom of the description to alloy buyers to contact you directly with any questions.
  • Add pictures. People want to see what they are buying, pictures can say a thousand words so it's important to add pictures to show details and features of the product you wish to sell. The ebay system to add pictures is straight forward so there is no reason to lose sales due to no picture.

Using pictures increases the amount of people who will click on your listing. Use your own pictures this will make your pictures unique and if many people use the same stock images will only increase interest in your listing. When posting more than one picture set the most informative picture as your main image. Take time to get the lighting right and if possible use a photo tent or use a online tool such as clipping magic to remove the image background.

  • Set your price. Establish a price whether it's the ebay auction style or the "buy it now" format, don't worry about being the cheapest. people don't usually tend to buy the cheapest they will usually buy the middle price as too chap is seen subconsciously as a cheap product or bad service ect. Next decide on how long you wish the listing to run if it's auction format. Before finalizing on your price check out what others charge for your item and decide the price you want. Don't be the cheapest but be the best.

Its a good idea to check what price you can sell items for prior to buying them yourself. If you cannot make much markup or there is simply not worth competing then don't sell the item. Simply invest in products with a better return. In the old ebay days profits we're high but with more and more part time sellers came in, drove the price down of products. Its great news for buyers but terrible for businesses. Thankfully wholesalers are taking a more strict approach to new customers applications. If your serious about selling on ebay and want to make a living it is simple with ebay.

  • Let buyers know which payment methods you accept. Offer as many different ways to pay as possible to make it easy for the buyer to pay. Registering as a business and getting a online card terminal is a great way to show you are professional not to mention save on paypal fees. The more payment options and flexible shipping options you offer to your potential buyers, the more orders you will receive. The more orders you receive the better and you will be a powerseller in no time.

Keep in mind most ebay users simply browse through the ebay category that interest them sometimes adding items to the cart they want to buy but never actually buy them. Your job is to grab the attention of your audience and give them a reason to buy the product, why they need this and why to buy it for you. Don't give buyers the reason to go to another sellers listing and risk losing a sale due to lack of information. Always spell check your product descriptions as a badly drafted description lacking any information or spelling mistakes will make you look unprofessional.

Avoid words such as "L@@K", "Rare" or "Amazing" unless absolutely necessary. Words such as these are just stuffing words which won't convince anyone to buy your product, they will also make some people avoid clicking on your listing. Buyers will make there own decision on the rarity of the item based on your accurate product description.

Once you have the listing created with all the relevant feels and are 100% happy with the look and feel of the listing you are ready to place the ad live on the ebay market place. Once the item is live go over the listing again to make sure it all looks good, if your not happy with something or think it could be better make revisions to your listing. It can take a few attempts to get the listing looking good but it will have a massive effect on the amount of sales or bidders, so it will be worth every moment of your time.

If you not confident in your writing skills and worry it will effect your impact, ebay offer a administrative service to write your product description for you. This can be a great service to use till you get the hang of writing product descriptions.

One of the major steps when becoming a powerseller is having your own ebay shop. You do pay a little more in ebay listing fees and a fee for your shop buy you have some great benefits. You can display the other products you have for sale and allow buyers to sign up to your news letter. You also get your first 30 days free so you can see if a shop is for you, if it is well done you just got 30 days free.

Many of your potential buyers will have a look through your shop and view other items you have for sale so making it easy to view your other items with your ebay shop will increase your chances of customers buying two or more items. Customers can also view your page to tell customers who you are and what your business stands for.


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