Setting up Secure FTP on a Linux Dedicated Server - Part 2

If you're considering hosting your websites on a dedicated server, cost might be the biggest thing on your mind. Hosting with dedicated servers costs substantially more than shared web hosting, and you may still be wondering if it's worth the extra expense. In fact, there are benefits as well as drawbacks to hosting with dedicated servers, and you should consider them carefully before making a choice.

One of the biggest advantages of hosting with dedicated servers is reliability. Due to the large number of websites on a shared server, there is always the potential for instability. With a dedicated web server, the variables that typically affect a server's stability aren't an issue. A dedicated server will only contain your own choice of software and applications. Problems that crop up on a shared server often involve other users' installation of flawed applications and components on their sites. Overload is another issue that can impact stability with shared server hosting, and this isn't an issue with a dedicated servers.

The importance of stability and reliability can't be emphasized enough in terms of your business. If you're considering switching from shared server to dedicated server hosting, hopefully you've done some careful traffic analysis of your website. In particular, look at how fast visitors are clicking off your site because it takes too long to download. It's also important to consider how many visitors you may be losing each day because your website is down. Many businesses find the cost of these losses is much higher than the extra expense of hosting with dedicated servers.

Dedicated servers provide businesses with the opportunity to manage and control their server themselves. While this is a big advantage for many businesses, for some it proves too technically challenging or time consuming. If you're concerned about how you'll manage a dedicated server, consider investing in managed dedicated server hosting. It will be more expensive than doing it yourself, but if you don't feel you can manage your website server on your own, it's the best option. This is one way to overcome one of the few potential drawbacks to hosting with dedicated servers.

If your online business is thriving and traffic stats are showing your losing customers with shared server web hosting, it's probably time to upgrade. Take the time to compare dedicated servers and consider all the many options you have carefully. With some time and effort, you'll find a dedicated server that provides the perfect mix of reliability, stability, ease of operation and affordability.

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