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Hubspot's SEO Scientist Dan Zarrella definitely caught my attention when he asked in a recent Webinar if searchis dead. Heconcluded that it is notbut that there's no point in hiring SEO (search engine optimization)experts to game search enginealgorithmsto up your rankings on the Web. His words, "Whatyou reallyneed are content production people ", we're music to my content-strategist ears.

In "The Science of SEO" (Dec. 8, 2011), Zarrella outlined new research suggesting that whilehigh search engine rankings can make your site seem more trustworthy, people under 30 are aware that many of the highest ranking sitesare paidand most people surveyed did not trust pay for click sites or admit to clicking on them.

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This means that the key to optimal search engine placement is "organic" searchin which "spiders" electronically find and rank sites based on the usefulness of their content, he said. That usefulness is determined mainly by the numbers of links connecting a site from other sites. |

How can you get more links? Zarrella advises:

-Post "piles and piles" of content: a blog or more a day

-Keep titles to 40-80 characterstweet lengthso that your content can be readily picked up by social media users

-Write on newsworthy, timely topics

-Post early in the week and early in the daywhich is whenbloggers are looking for news to cover/link to.

-Don't use buzzwords or jargon

-Bear in mind photos and video on sites encourage linksand that, according to Zarrella's research, videos are linked-to far more often than are photos.

Zarrella said he can't explain why that should be but "it shows there are many different kinds of search engines and they are all looking for content."

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