Studying the analytic's of my various sites

During my last round of studying the analytic of my various sites, I noticed something A lot of traffic is coming from organic Google searches and the keywords are "not provided." This frustrated me because I wanted to see what keywords my sites we're ranking for and what keywords they weren't.

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This is important because I've been implementing different SEO strategies to rank for particular keywords related to my niche sites. Now, if I can't see what keywords I am ranking for how am I going to be able to determine if my SEO strategies are indeed effective?

I'm not one to discover something and then just sweep it under the rug I always want to know more! With this being said, I set out to find out more information about this ever-growing "not provided" trend.

A few of my fellow colleagues have also seen their "not provided" searches climb up to about 15% of their total organic search traffic.


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