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Branux Technical Innovations is pleased to offer a wide range of development and SEO services. Our packages are tailored to suit any need or budget.

Our experience in designing websites and driving traffic to them is second to none.  Our proprietary systems put us ahead of the competition and we’ve got hundreds of beautiful websites and happy clients ranking highly in Google to prove it! Read on to learn more…

Our Clients

Companies we have worked with and what they have to say!

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RE/MAX Park Place

Complete web design and coding from the ground up in house. Large scale database of over 250,000 listings and 700,000 properties and over 200gb of images. Complete with advanced tracking systems, interactive map with GPS, Stripe billing system, advertizing system and Full integration with NSAR and MLS.

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Palmetto Wildlife

Complete web design and coding from the ground up. Everything we do here at Branux is done in-house 100%. The theme used is also coded and maintained by the Branux team.

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Earthwise Hauling

Complete web design and coding from the ground up. Custom pricing plugin with mouse over effect on the services and pricing page. Everything we do here at Branux is done in-house 100%. The theme used is also coded and maintained by the Branux team.

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SerpTrack is a very complicated rank tracking membership system made easy that tracks google rank for your keywords. The system was completely coded from scratch. It includes a custom rank tracking system, custom billing system, custom user management system, billing system with Stripe integration and many other utilities all coded in house. The design was also 100% done in house.

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Truly Nolen

Complete web design and coding from the ground up. Everything we do here at Branux is done in-house 100%. The theme used is also coded and maintained by the Branux team.

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Trelawny Dental

Complete web design and coding from the ground up. Everything we do here at Branux is done in-house 100%. The theme used is also coded and maintained by the Branux team.

Meet The Team


Evan is a web-developer extraordinaire. With hundreds of websites to his credit and  20 years experience in the field he has what it takes to get the job done! From PHP to AJAX to Jquery and more, Evan can take your site from concept to reality in no time flat.


Candice is a stellar Web Developer with a focus on WordPress and PHP. Candice has made huge contributions to many of Branux’s most successful projects in both design and content. Candice is also a gifted member of our contact team. If you’ve called before you’ve already enjoyed some of Candice’s expert assistance.


Jason has many years of experience in both web and desktop development. Big data is his strong suit and he is a database wiz. Javascript, Python, C# development and more. If you’ve got a tricky problem, Jason can probably come up with a tricky solution.


Cathy is a talented WordPress developer with a flair for design who’s done work on many of our biggest projects! From code to content she’s got you covered. She’s also a valuable member of our contact team. If you’ve called or emailed recently there’s a good chance you’ve already had the pleasure of dealing with her.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is often overlooked, but if if you’re going to compete with other businesses online, it should be your top priority. Branux has you covered. We use a proprietary, in-house solution to give our clients the best possible chance at ranking in Googles top 10 search results. Our clients have thousands of pages ranking in the top 10 on Google, and we can help you achieve the same!

Site Maintenance $39/m

This service is provided FREE for SEO Clients

24/7 WordPress Maintenance.

Concentrate on your business while Branux focuses on your site!

Websites, unfortunatley, refuse to take care of themselves. Terrible right? Some business owners belive that once they’ve established a web prescence the work is done. If only that were true.

Web sites are fluid. Most business owners will need minor updates fairly regularly to things like operating hours, inventory, services offered, etc. Add to this, the fact that the internet is like the wild west and there are all kinds of dangerous characters out there who’d love to cause you trouble.

Hackers spend their time automating attacks on random websites, hoping to add those servers to their networks or looking for a trove of credit card information to exploit. Plugin developers and WordPress themselves spend their time releasing updates and patches to combat these and other exploits that crop up. Of course none of these fixes will apply themselves.

Which is where Branux steps in…

  • Updating and Adding Company News
  • Creating New Pages
  • Updating Inventory, Sales & More
  • Adding promotions to the website
  • Maintaining Hours & Contact Info
  • Adding & Updating Content
  • Performing General Updates and Backups
  • Fixing Random Bugs & Errors
  • Applying Security Patches & Hotfixes
  • Monitoring Backlink Portfolio
  • Ensuring Google Compliance
  • Hosting & Related Work
  • WordPress General & Security Updates
  • & Much, Much More!…

And More!

Expert Web Design Services & More!!

Looking for a new site that showcases exactly what your company has to offer? Need a site that’s easy to work with, brings in web traffic and generates sales? A site that’s mobile responsive and looks great on both desktops and smart-phones? All of the above perhaps? At a great price? Sold!!

Branux has built hundreds of sites that match this description
and we’d love to do the same for YOU!

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Westville NS,Web Page Design Hopewell NS,Web Page Design Scotsburn NS,Web Page Design Pictou Island NS,Web Page Design Port Dufferin NS,Web Page Design Salt Springs Pictou NS,Web Page Design River John NS,Web Page Design Sheet Harbour NS,Web Page Design Winsloe Pe,Web Page Design Albany Pe,Web Page Design Alberton Pe,Web Page Design Bedeque Pe,Web Page Design Central Bedeque Pe,Web Page Design Coleman Pe,Web Page Design Ellerslie Pe,Web Page Design Elmsdale Pe,Web Page Design Freetown Pe,Web Page Design Kensington Pe,Web Page Design Kinkora Pe,Web Page Design Lennox Island Pe,Web Page Design Miscouche Pe,Web Page Design Port Borden Pe,Web Page Design Slemon Park Pe,Web Page Design Tignish Pe,Web Page Design Tyne Valley Pe,Web Page Design Wellington Station Pe,Web Page Design Upper Stewiacke NS,Web Page Design Upper Musquodoboit NS,Web Page Design Tatamagouche NS,Web Page Design Mooseland NS,Web Page Design Tangier NS,Web Hosting Victoria Pe,Web Hosting Richmond Pe,Web Hosting Sherbrooke NS,Web Hosting Sydney NS,Web Hosting Cornwall Pe,Web Hosting Charlottetown Pe,Web Hosting Stratford Pe,Web Hosting Westmount NS,Web Hosting New Glasgow NS,Web Hosting Glace Bay NS,Web Hosting Sydney Mines NS,Web Hosting Sydney River NS,Web Hosting Coxheath NS,Web Hosting Edwardsville NS,Web Hosting South Bar NS,Web Hosting Victoria Mines NS,Web Hosting Lingan Road NS,Web Hosting Point Edward NS,Web Hosting Sydney Forks NS,Web Hosting Howie Center NS,Web Hosting Prime Brook NS,Web Hosting Dutch Brook NS,Web Hosting Carabou Marsh NS,Web Hosting Caribou Marsh NS,Web Hosting Mira Road NS,Web Hosting Balls Creek NS,Web Hosting North Sydney NS,Web Hosting Leitches Creek NS,Web Hosting North West Arm NS,Web Hosting Upper North Sydney NS,Web Hosting Upper Leitches Creek NS,Web Hosting Frenchvale NS,Web Hosting Little Bras D-or NS,Web Hosting River Ryan NS,Web Hosting New Victoria NS,Web Hosting Georges River NS,Web Hosting Reserve Mines NS,Web Hosting Gardiner Mines NS,Web Hosting Blacketts Lake NS,Web Hosting Scotchtown NS,Web Hosting New Waterford NS,Web Hosting Lingan NS,Web Hosting Groves Point NS,Web Hosting Scotch Lake NS,Web Hosting Florence NS,Web Hosting Mill Creek NS,Web Hosting Dominion NS,Web Hosting Little Pond NS,Web Hosting Beechmont NS,Web Hosting Albert Bridge NS,Web Hosting Portage NS,Web Hosting Long Island NS,Web Hosting Barrachois NS,Web Hosting Hillside Boularderie NS,Web Hosting Millville NS,Web Hosting Broughton NS,Web Hosting Marion Bridge NS,Web Hosting Birch Grove NS,Web Hosting Alder Point NS,Web Hosting Gillis Lake NS,Web Hosting East Bay NS,Web Hosting Northside East Bay NS,Web Hosting Ironville NS,Web Hosting Sandfield NS,Web Hosting Black Brook NS,Web Hosting Port Caledonia NS,Web Hosting Mira Gut NS,Web Hosting Dalem Lake NS,Web Hosting South Head NS,Web Hosting Big Ridge NS,Web Hosting Juniper Mountain NS,Web Hosting Point Aconi NS,Web Hosting Round Island NS,Web Hosting Black Rock NS,Web Hosting Catalone Gut NS,Web Hosting Big 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Hosting Green Gables Pe,Web Hosting Hunter River Pe,Web Hosting York Pe,Web Hosting Montague Pe,Web Hosting Morell Pe,Web Hosting Mount Stewart Pe,Web Hosting Murray Harbour Pe,Web Hosting Murray River Pe,Web Hosting North Rustico Pe,Web Hosting North Wiltshire Pe,Web Hosting Pownal Pe,Web Hosting Souris Pe,Web Hosting Vernon Bridge Pe,Web Hosting Wood Islands Pe,Web Hosting Eureka NS,Web Hosting Westville NS,Web Hosting Hopewell NS,Web Hosting Scotsburn NS,Web Hosting Pictou Island NS,Web Hosting Port Dufferin NS,Web Hosting Salt Springs Pictou NS,Web Hosting River John NS,Web Hosting Sheet Harbour NS,Web Hosting Winsloe Pe,Web Hosting Albany Pe,Web Hosting Alberton Pe,Web Hosting Bedeque Pe,Web Hosting Central Bedeque Pe,Web Hosting Coleman Pe,Web Hosting Ellerslie Pe,Web Hosting Elmsdale Pe,Web Hosting Freetown Pe,Web Hosting Kensington Pe,Web Hosting Kinkora Pe,Web Hosting Lennox Island Pe,Web Hosting Miscouche Pe,Web Hosting Port Borden Pe,Web Hosting Slemon Park Pe,Web Hosting 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NS,Website Hosting Victoria Pe,Website Hosting Richmond Pe,Website Hosting Sherbrooke NS,Website Hosting Sydney NS,Website Hosting Cornwall Pe,Website Hosting Charlottetown Pe,Website Hosting Stratford Pe,Website Hosting Westmount NS,Website Hosting New Glasgow NS,Website Hosting Glace Bay NS,Website Hosting Sydney Mines NS,Website Hosting Sydney River NS,Website Hosting Coxheath NS,Website Hosting Edwardsville NS,Website Hosting South Bar NS,Website Hosting Victoria Mines NS,Website Hosting Lingan Road NS,Website Hosting Point Edward NS,Website Hosting Sydney Forks NS,Website Hosting Howie Center NS,Website Hosting Prime Brook NS,Website Hosting Dutch Brook NS,Website Hosting Carabou Marsh NS,Website Hosting Caribou Marsh NS,Website Hosting Mira Road NS,Website Hosting Balls Creek NS,Website Hosting North Sydney NS,Website Hosting Leitches Creek NS,Website Hosting North West Arm NS,Website Hosting Upper North Sydney NS,Website Hosting Upper Leitches Creek NS,Website Hosting Frenchvale 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