What is Caching and How It Can Improve Your Site

There are several CDN Service Provider but in my recommend at first Incapsula and then Cloudflare. Cause Incapsula Provides more security than Cloudflare. Both of them provides caching felicity which is really useful and it helps to speed up site's loading. Its really very useful who ever use Shared Hosting Platform for their site because in Shared Hosting Platform there are lots of users in same server so if anybody using high resource then another user's site might load slowly.

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What is Caching System?

Caching is the temporary storage of Content like HTML pages, images, files and web objects, for the benefit of offloading the origin web or application server and reducing the time required to deliver content to a client. There are two main forms of caching:forward-proxyandreverse-proxy. A forward-proxy cache is typically deployed at various points of the Internet, typically at ISPs (internet service provider) or as part of a CDN (content delivery network), far from the origin server. A reverse-proxy cache server resides in close proximity to one or more web or application servers and shields the original server from client requests.

Its location in the datacenter makes it logical for reverse-proxy caching functionality to be integrated withload balancingtechnologies. Indeed, caching is considered a key functionality for next-generation load balancers, commonly referred to asapplication delivery controllers(ADCs).

How It Works?

A reverse-proxy cache acts as a proxy for the server. To a client, the reverse proxy server appears like a web server. In this setup, the proxy server is configured with an IP address. Clients are directly served to the proxy server based on DNS setup of a domain name, and content is served directly from the cache server if the content has already been stored else the request will be redirected to the original server to retrieve the content and a copy of the content will be stored in cache for later use. Both static and dynamic content can be cached.

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