Plan To Blog and Blog To Earn

You have already decided that you want to be a blogger. You have a flair for writing, you have lots of friends on your Facebook account, you love to share your thoughts and opinion and people love to listen to you. In spite of all these you need to plan your blog very carefully to earn money from blogging.

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Not to make it sound like a battle, but every victory needs a strategy. You must be clear about what you want to do with your blog. Conceptualize it well because your blog will reflect your personality.

  • Look and design of your blog.
  • Theme of your blog, which topics will you discuss.
  • Content that you write must be insightful and delighting to read.
  • Originality must be maintained so that your readers find something new.
  • Time you will dedicate to your blog so that you canearn money from blogging.
  • Pictures that you will upload on your blog will determine if your blog is very formal or personal.


Success of your blog is directly related to the rush of traffic in your blog. It is very important to keep increasing this rush with the help of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. If you are a blogger you are well aware of how it works. You need to make your blog popular by using it's content, keywords, sharing your content and visiting other blogs and commenting on them. All these activities will lead to greater scope of your blog's popularity in the search engines, which will lead you to earn money from blogging.


People to visit your blog have to know about your blog. Spread the word. Use forums like Facebook, Twitter, Good reads, LinkedIn etc to promote your blog. Be prepared for criticism and rejections, learn from them and get right back at it again.


It is essential to have associates. They could be your advertising partners, or your marketing partners, or simply your blogging partners. To maintain a successful blog you must have collaborations. Choose your partners wisely and stick with them to develop a sense of loyalty.


Keep updating yourself. You should be well aware of what's happening around you, not only in your blog related topic but everything. You should be able to readily comment on any current topic that your reader may choose to discuss.

Also keep yourself updated with the various ways you may improve your blog. Blogging is a dynamic process, it is reinventing itself all the time, so, to earn money from blogging, keep learning!


Don't make your readers feel that you are blogging only to earn money. Give away free prizes for contests that you may hold in your blog. This will increase the popularity and well, everyone loves free gifts! Discount coupons, free e-books, sale for members, party passes etc will make you popular and earn you goodwill.

If you follow all these steps and be dedicated to your blog, it will be difficult not to earn money from blogging.

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