Even More Tips for faster PHP scripts

Following on from "Tips for faster PHP Scripts" and "More Tips for Faster PHP Scripts", I bring you Even More Tips for faster PHP Scripts .

Because I've already talked about the main, general, optimization tips, these ones will tend to be more specific and may not apply to everyone - nonetheless, it's worth a read in case you ever do come across these situations.

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Here are tips 11-15:

11. is_numeric() vs. ctype_digit()

To see whether is_numeric() or ctype_digit() is the fastest method, I called each function 10,000,000 times. Here are the resuts:

is_numeric() : 9.943268 seconds

ctype_digit() : 11.801991 seconds

is_numeric() is 15.75% faster than ctype_digit()

It's worth using is_numeric() over ctype_digit() where it's appropriate to do so. Although a difference of 0.0000001858723 may seem small, it does all add up.

12. echo vs. print

It's often been said that echo is faster than print , simply because it doesn't return a value. To put this theory to the test, I called echo 'TEXT' 20,000,000, followed by print 'TEXT' 20,000,000 times. Here are the results:

echo 'TEXT' : 8.571081 seconds

print 'TEXT' : 8.585106 seconds

echo is 0.16% faster than print

Although echo is faster than print , it's not worth changing the way you code PHP. If you prefer print , there's no real reason to use echo instead.

13. Better conditional statements

When specifying a condition in an if statement, for loop, or elsewhere, think about it carefully. In PHP, if you done this:

if($var1 && $var2) {


The condition will be false if $var1 is false - it wouldn't need to check $var2. But, if $var2 was more likely to be false, it should come first:

if($var2 && $var1) {


To test this, I created two if statements. In the first statement, I put $var1 || $ var2 as the condition, and, in the second, I put $var2 || $var1 . The values of the two variables are generated randomly - $var1 is should be true about 75% of the time, while $var2 will be true 30% of the time. These we're put into a loop which iterated 1,000,000 times. Theoretically, the $var1 || $var2 should be better, because $var1 is more likely to be true. Here are the results:

$var1 || $var2 : 2.325065 seconds

$var2 || $var1 : 2.367621 seconds

$var1 || $var2 is 1.797% faster than $var2 || $var1

Despite 1.797% seeming a small figure, it is high enough for you to think about your conditional statements. In different conditional statements, where they are maybe 4 varialbes involved in string, and number comparisons, this figure may increase further.

14. === (Identical) vs. == (Equal)

You may think, as I first did, that == is faster than ===. But, to my surprise, === was significantly faster than ==. I run if('string' === 'string) { } 10,000,000 times, followed by if('string' == 'string') { } another 10,000,000 times. Here are the results:

==: 4.194739 seconds

===: 3.510191 seconds

=== is 16.32% faster than ==

I guess that === is faster simply because it doesn't have to convert both sides to strings first. (I guess I was wrong: See Rob's comment). Obviously, there are situations where == must be used over ===.

15. intval('100') vs. (int)'100'

I had no idea which one these was going to be faster. To test them, I called each one 5,000,000 times. Here are the results:

intval('100') : 6.441137 seconds

(int)'100' : 2.933663 seconds

(int)'100' is 54.45% faster than intval('100') .

Although I had no expectations, the results we're quite surprising. With a 54.45% speed difference, it's well worth using (int) over intval() .

So that's the last of the "Faster PHP Scripts" tips for now. I might write another article so look out for it - it'll probably called "Even More Tips for faster PHP Scripts Continued" or some other ridiculous title.

Please comment and tell me what your favourite tips we're - mine must be 15 and 14.

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