Facebook Timeline has arrived

Facebook Timeline has arrived. The new Facebook Timeline redesign of user profile pages, which was first announced at this year's Facebook F8 conference, is now available for everyone. With Timeline, Facebook changes the old ways of listing personal information into a new, detailed overview of a user's life.

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Facebook is providing a seven-day grace period for the new Timeline changes. During this time users can review any post that appears on Timeline and decide whether or not they want anyone to view it.To accomplish this, Timeline comes with a new feature called the Activity Log. This tool allows users to decide what exactly will show up on their page.Users can promote content to featured status, hide it from view in Timeline, or simply delete it.

Once users upgrade to the Timeline redesign, the new profile page will be live following the seven-day grace period.Timeline is currently available on Facebook's mobile site, as well as, Android mobile devices.

To learn more about Facebook Timeline, check out Facebook Timeline: The Complete Guide from Mashable. The guide takes a lengthy, in-depth look at many of the new changes.

It's no secret that most Facebook redesigns are meet with quite a bit ofcriticism. Adapting to change is never easy for anyone. What do you think of the latest overhaul? Are you embracing Timeline, are you considering leaving the social network, how do you feel?

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